3-Year Anniversary – Amanda Susca, APM

May 21, 2021

This May 2021, we are celebrating the 3-year anniversary of Amanda Susca with The Stahl Companies. Amanda’s background is in business management, training, and operations. Drawing from this business background, Amanda has integrated her skills of team leadership, team building, and shaping strong client-vendor relationships into her construction healthcare project management role. Amanda is a people person who is not afraid to put her head down, dig into her projects, while still making the time for an assist to a team member.

“My biggest personal achievement is quickly assimilating into a new industry with resilience and tenacity. My goal is to continue growing our relationships with our clients and partners while learning from them along the way. I look forward to all the new challenges and learning opportunities gained through joining the Mercy Care and Retirement Center project team, as this is my first time supporting a Skilled Nursing Facility.”

Congratulations Amanda, you are a solid contributor to our Stahl team and we appreciate all that you bring!


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