It’s a busy anniversary month at Stahl. Another Ideal Team Player, Mario Delgado celebrates 6 years with us on May 11th. We are honored by the numerous accolades Mario received from his team at his recently completed project at Sutter Roseville. He is now actively demonstrating his commitment to client satisfaction for the many projects he is supporting at Methodist Hospital in Sacramento.

From Mario: “Amongst the Stahl team, I can seamlessly move in and out of different staff partnerships, in different locations, and in different project dynamics. With our clients, I’m able to meld into their environment to better serve them. ‘Team’ means working hard together, not being hard to work together.

My fulfillment comes not only in seeing the completion of some very long, difficult, multi-year projects but also in seeing the satisfaction of our clients. When the fruition of their labor is reached, the validation of our efforts on their site is honest when they are ‘sad to see us go’ along with comments about how they ‘kept forgetting that we were contractors in their hospital and not actual employees’.

I’ve caught several design issues (constructability, materials submitted that do not meet code requirements) that were unforeseen or were missed by multiple entities of review. I’ve also been able to solve logistical issues, managing to reduce the impact on our client’s operations.

I’m blessed to have successfully integrated myself into several campus environments in which the relationship with the client, staff, and vendors has always been positive. Not everything is always smooth, but in the end, everyone knows we have given it our all and that the results are good. My goal is to serve, as requested, where it’s needed.”

AHU in Flight

At our University of Southern California, NTT Building project, the crane pick for AHU #5 took place on 12/10/22. The existing roof unit was removed...