A PM Gives Thanks

November 22, 2017

fall leafsToday I express my gratitude.

For those in the field with a positive attitude.

Thanks to the Owners who in TSC believe. On those critical deadlines, we’ll have tricks up our sleeve.

Kudos to hospital staff and the Users with patience.

With disruptions that could otherwise create a tense situation.


positive attitude poster

Conscientious contractors, I greatly value

Adhered-to budgets and schedules, Hallelujah.

To the Architects who know where to draw the line,

For helping us see the big picture is nearly divine.

OSHPD, on your pushbacks though some may grouse,

Many an error or tragedy your codes they will douse.

And to my TSC co-workers esteemed, I am so very grateful you are on my team.


Hard work best done together,

We’re all trying to make each project a little better.

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