Community: Eskaton Lodge

July 26, 2019

Even though there are abundant opportunities within the community for enthusiastic volunteers, it sometimes takes significant effort on the volunteerpart to get onto the calendars of the overwhelmingly busy contact(s) for the recipient organizations.  

With patience and tenacity, three of our Gold River team members, Catherine Suttle, Debby Matheny, and Amanda Meleski, were able to connect with Eskaton Lodge in Gold River. Through email, phone, and in-person discussion, they mutually discovered a way to match our collective skills with needs at the facility. 

It came to light that their garden spaces need attention, something that their residents enjoy but may not have the dexterity and/or energy to tackle without assistance. 

To date, activities have included fact-finding meetings with the volunteer group and residents, the creation of an exterior facility layout and hardscape plan, and meetings with a landscape designer to ensure that the future plants, flowers, irrigation, and overall landscape design will be sustainable and drought resistant 

The Stahl and Eskaton team enthusiasm for this project matches the excitement of the Eskaton residentsThe residents are looking forward to an upcoming field trip to Green Acres to select their preferred flowers and plants! Now, for some good weather.

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