COVID-19 Testing Booths

May 6, 2020

At the height of California’s COVID-19 outbreak, hospitals scrambling for scarce PPE (personal protective equipment) supplies were also seeking innovative ideas for alternatives.

The Brigham and Women’s Facilities Engineering Department designed a plexiglass booth for this imperative need and shared their license, royalty-free, worldwide for implementation of their design. To use it, a clinician stands protected within the booth while administering patient care using protective gloves attached to and yet sealed from the booth.

When approached by one of our healthcare community clients, The Stahl Companies was eager to contribute where we could to mitigate this PPE deficit.

We decided to invest and build three of these COVID-19 Testing Booths for our client. Walt Stahl sourced a local, Sacramento-area, vendor to assist us with the fabrication of this product. During this time of extreme challenge for our entire healthcare community, he was delighted to find a partner who shared in our mission of integrity and community by contributing without profit.

Our chosen vendor was able to produce the needed cubes in the short lead time of 1-1/2 weeks at a cost of $3,500 each. The booths have been beneficial in deferring some cost when it comes to the use of PPE but of more urgency at the time, they were able to fill a need when our client was faced with a dire lack of enough PPE.

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