Healthy Habits – Summer 2021

August 20, 2021

Our Stahl 2021 theme, Strengthening the Team, inspired the question, “What are you doing this summer that promotes good health, physically and/or mentally, for yourself” Good health is in keeping our company value, “For the Health for our Communities”.  Here are a few examples of what we heard from our team:  

I go hiking several times a week, with a variety of friends and acquaintances. This is not only good physical exercise but also good for my mental health as it diverts my mind from work to play. Along with that, it’s great for socializing with like-minded people and improves my ability to sleep.   

I’ve been taking at least one long weekend a month to get out of town. While I would love to take a two-week vacation to make up for what I canceled during the pandemic, it is just not a good time to do so. I believe these long weekends help me rest better and keep my stress level manageable.   

I exercise for 20 minutes at least 4 times a week. I do Morning Mediation 10 minutes every day and I journal.  

I’ve been intentional about getting into the rhythm and flow of inserting healthy habits to coordinate with my work schedule. I wake up early to work out and be sure to take a yoga class after work about 3 times a week. Taking advantage of the weekends to work out and take a long hike has also been important. Keeping active helps me sleep well and encourages me to eat well too!   

I am a walker, so I first take my pet for a 1-mile walk at her pace then I walk 3+ miles myself at a healthier pace.   

My summer activities include making fresh salsa from the garden veggies and spending any time I can on a boat water skiing in the early mornings, then enjoying coffee afterward while absorbing the calm.   

For me, it’s exercising 3 to 4 days a week, taking walks with my kid in the evenings, and recently doing my best not to think about work after hours but focus on what I’m doing in the moment with my family.   

I started running again! I alternate that with bike riding my way into the evening sunsets = Nature appreciation!   

I enjoyed a long vacation balanced with new adventures and relaxation. I have begun practicing better sleeping habits along with nightly walks with my husband in our neighborhood.  

New motorcycle, new motorcycle trips. Mototherapy!   

It sounds like being outdoors is important to our group, that and getting proper sleep.  Who doesn’t feel keen and more productive after a good night’s rest?! Good job, Team. 

Stahl Team Wellness

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