Leading Age Conference

May 23, 2019

“RIGHT HERE – RIGHT NOW” is a call to action that continues LeadingAge’s nearly 60-year commitment to join prominent experts and leaders in the senior care field in a forum to exchange best practices, understand emerging trends and explore the latest innovations in this field.” *

The Stahl Companies team members, Walt Stahl, Karyn Puma, Megan Carnes, Trina Schmorleitz, and Debby Matheny had the valuable opportunity to not only partake in education but also to network with people within the Aging community at the annual LeadingAge conference.


Our Stahl Companies booth with team members, Karyn Puma, Trina Schmorleitz, and Debby Matheny.  (The mascot declined to be named)

Stahl's Leader Age Conference booth

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