Lightening the Load in Our Communities

May 6, 2020

There are individuals who are often the first to offer up help coordinating something special for the team. There seems to be no limit to their energy, creativity, and kindness when it comes to caring for others. Our current health crisis has spurred not only these personalities but almost everyone to positively contribute in their own way.

WE baked up a fresh batch of cookies to deliver to the doorsteps of some friends and family in the area.

WE coordinated an effort to deliver cards, plants and flowers to the residents at our neighboring Eskaton home for seniors to remind them that they are in our thoughts and to add a little joy to their day.

WE made a surprise visit to a family member (physical distances considered) to break up their day. When someone lives alone and can’t get out much, some “in-person” company goes a long way to lifting spirits.

WE get together an entire extended family via a periodic Zoom “beverage” hour (they are a large group hailing from multiple states and time zones). “It’s great to see everyone’s face – even the kids want to join in. Last night we shared our favorite book title. It was enlightening”. The next topic for conversation – best song written, ever.

WE have been supplying some of the crafty, quarantined seniors in the neighborhood with fabric and supplies to sew masks. When completed, we deliver them to Mercy San Juan Medical Center.

WE are making a concerted effort to keep in closer touch with family and friends who are all at a distance, even if it is only by way of a meme or throw-back photo that we know will garner a smile during a tough day.

WE have stood at the street with our child to catch the attention of her teacher who was driving by to show appreciation for her.

WE have recognized the need to embody a friendly-neighbor-mentality, even if from a distance, by making an extra effort to smile and say hello to the folks encountered on a neighborhood walk.

WE’ve also joined in on an effort through NextDoor by putting stuffed animals in street-facing windows for families with children to look for as they go on family walks.

WE have been communicating with our clients during these times. It is about comments of gratitude and appreciation as well as offering any assistance within our capabilities during these times.

There has never been a better time to step up and support our Community with whatever talent WE possess to contribute in making someone’s day a little less isolated, a little safer, and a little lighter.


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