Medical Procurement Coordination- Part 3

March 22, 2017

In Part 3 of our 7-part blog series, we will talk about: User Review & Validation


Another important piece of the procurement puzzle is the incorporation of users in the review and validation of incoming medical equipment. In fact, all the following entities are an essential part of user review and validation: architect, clinical user, facility procurement director, facility management, and procurement coordinator. 

The architectural designer will ensure that items are placed correctly from a functional, code, and structural point of view. 


The clinical user review is a vital step in the process of ensuring a state-of-the-art facility that will be able to provide the very best care possible. Clinical users will ensure that items are completely vetted for functionality and placed appropriately for their specific function. Working with the various department directors and their staff, a procurement coordinator can ensure that physicians have had a chance to evaluate their intended new equipment and that it will provide the best performance currently available to achieve the highest function of their future facility. 

Upon opening for service, a well-thought-out department will quickly perform at the highest of standards. The facility procurement director will review selections as they pertain to vendors (following hospital standards and purchasing from prescribed sources that allow for best pricing). 


Facility management (COO, CFO) will provide direction should any changes be needed that may impact the scope, schedule, and budget.  It is important to document any changes with a Change Request Form to guarantee understanding by all parties and while noting needed action items along with due dates.  Finally, the procurement coordinator is responsible for recording any changes or updates to products, quantities, or locations.  This document can now include all information such as item description, “tag”, room/department location, quantity, new/existing status and who will furnish and install the equipment. 

Organization with users/staff of the facility is a very important step in the coordination process. It affords the actual practitioners using the equipment the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the proposed new equipment allowing them to help make sure the best equipment is specified for the actual application in the facility.  With ever-advancing design of medical equipment and evolution of medical techniques, physicians and staff are always evaluating local procedures and what equipment helps ensure the best possible care for their patients.

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