Medical Procurement Coordination- Part 6

April 12, 2017

In Part 6 of our 7-part blog series, we will talk about:  

Warehouse, Delivery, & Installation

“Does your warehouse look like this? Then you may need The Stahl Companies to assist you with making your delivery and installation run more smoothly. What you don’t want is a warehouse that looks dark, disorganized, and with no order to how items are stored.”

Some tips below.

Once your products are ordered, the next step begins.  A warehouse supervisor will prepare the storage area and layout the floor space and “stage” the items to allow for an efficient and timely installation.  As each PO is placed, either the warehouse or purchasing department will contact each vendor to confirm an acknowledgement of the order and a shipping date and location.  If more than one warehouse exists, it is essential to document the shipping location so that products and inventory can be managed.  A single warehouse is optimal so that products for a large project such as a new building can remain segregated from other “day-to-day” inventory.  The warehouse/delivery supervisor will prepare a specific schedule or “Loading Plan” for all the Medical equipment (both attached and freestanding items) along with other items to be installed in the building.  The Loading Plan will determine the sequence by floor, area, and department to which the items will be delivered and installed in the building.  Besides the medical equipment, deliveries will also include: furniture, artwork, signage, and supplies.  An installation crew is readied and floor and wall protection will be put in place for the duration of the equipment installation to protect the new building finishes.  It is also up to the warehouse supervisor to determine any items that need to be assembled prior to delivery, like carts, tables, or hampers or if they will be installed at the site. Proper accommodations will need to be made for trash removal, dumpsters, and clean up during and after the installation.

“Attention to simple details like keeping the dumpster emptied helps to prevent safety concerns and delays to the movers and installers.”




“An experienced and systematic warehouse/delivery manager is worth their weight in gold.This individual ensures the equipment storage, loading, and installation goes more smoothly.  His or her competence will ultimately reflect on schedule, budget, and the client’s ability to see their first patient.”

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