Organized Chaos

October 17, 2017

“I accept chaos, I’m not sure whether it accepts me.” Bob Dylan

It’s coming up on a year, now, that I left my job of nine years with The Stahl Companies to relocate to Utah. The transition was all at once exhilarating, anxiety-provoking, and frustrating. It’s not as if moving was new to me. I’ve lived in two countries and five states, sometimes with numerous moves within those states.

I’ve developed a pretty effective routine when it comes to moving: first, start eating up as much as possible from the pantry and fridge, second, pack up all those treasured, dust-collecting knick-knacks, next, remove decor from the walls, and so on. However, no matter how organized (and organization is crucial), there are always the unexpected glitches and then, that last minute urgency to pull all the final details together.

Our move to Utah had us searching out contractors to repair a house that suffered from deferred maintenance along with some highly questionable style choices. After hiring a painter, electrician, and flooring contractor, each highly recommended I might add, we grudgingly learned that levels of service and quality vary between California and Utah. This is when the excitement waned while the anxiety and frustration crescendoed.

Soon after all of the chaos and drama subsided at our house, a position became available and I was invited to return to The Stahl Companies fold, this time working as a virtual assistant. It was interesting timing because they were on the cusp of launching an expansion of the corporate office space which would double their footprint to accommodate a burgeoning team.

I watched from afar as the office underwent many of the stages I had just experienced, turning their work-space into temporary disorder as walls and flooring were removed, furnishings shifted, and boxes hastily packed with contractors encroaching on office work-spaces.





Then, bit by bit, order was restored producing bright, spacious workstations, modern color palettes, essential storage, improved technology, and new meeting areas. In the end, it remains that construction ceases, boxes do get unpacked, and life settles back into a harmonious rhythm.



Renovation is the backbone of our business, albeit in healthcare settings. Nothing serves to remind you of the importance of your role in managing construction in occupied spaces more than living it yourself.

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