Christian Church Homes, Plaza de las Flores


Assisted Living


Sunnyvale, CA


December 2020

Window Replacement Energy Efficient

Plaza de las Flores is a senior living community located in Sunnyvale. Constructed in 1983, and subsequently purchased and rehabilitated by Christian Church Homes in 2005, it offers 100 one-bedroom apartments.  

HUD fundingalong with a grant from the city of Sunnyvale, has facilitated the Window Replacement project which substitutes new, dual pane windows for the existing obsolete, single pane type. 

During a virus forced construction hiatus, The Stahl Companies continued to receive, and store materials needed for this project to curtail further delays once construction was re-authorized. Additional challenges during this time included faced labor shortages provoking manufacturing delays but due to mitigation strategies, lost time was minimized. Installation of all windows was completed December of 2020, yielding both greater soundproofing and energy efficiency for the resident suites in this community.