Dignity Health Regional Lab




Sacramento, CA





Multi-Phase Move To Newly Built Space

The Dignity Health Regional Lab in the Sacramento region now provides dramatically expanded services thanks to a new 12,000 square-foot facility, which includes microbiology and histology labs.

Our team provided Transition Planning and Equipment Logistics services beginning with the initial design and carrying through licensing and occupancy. The project included the installation of new laboratory equipment, as well as the multi-phased move of microbiology and histology labs from three separate locations. We conducted Transition Team meetings throughout the process, coordinating tasks and timelines for lab staff, procurement, IT teams, equipment vendors, the general contractor, and various trades. Critical tasks were identified, assigned, and tracked to resolution. We developed an equipment matrix to track procurement, manufacturing communications, shipments, and deliveries of new equipment. Our team also completed an exhaustive inventory and asset tagging of all equipment and materials in the three existing laboratories, determined what was to be reused at the new lab, as well as the disposition of all remaining items. All new equipment was confirmed and tracked from order to delivery, and various equipment and furniture installers were coordinated and managed with an emphasis on schedule adherence and quality control. Our team developed a detailed transition schedule that included ambient tests, equipment installations and anchoring, utility connections, testing and commissioning, surveys and licensing, as well as the multi-phased move of equipment and functions from the existing facilities to the new facility. A series of delays during construction required multiple revisions to plans and schedules, and our team provided updates as needed to keep everyone apprised and on track. We were on-site during all phases of the move, coordinating vendors, contractors, and staff. All phases were completed as planned, on time and on budget, with minimal disruption to services and operations.