Dignity Health Regional Lab




Sacramento, CA





Multi-Phase Move To Newly Built Space

Multi-phased move of microbiology and histology labs from 3 locations in the Sacramento region to a newly built lab space.

Services provided:

  • Space Planning / Design Services
  • Asset Inventory and Tracking
  • Coordination with Architects/Engineers on all appropriate Med Gases and Utility Connections
  • Work with Dignity Health Procurement to process Purchase Orders as Directed
  • Manage furniture order process, track and schedule deliveries
  • Delivery and Installation Schedule Coordination with FF&E Vendors including oversight of installation crews, enforce adherence to site regulations
  • Equipment Receiving, Inspection and Documentation
  • Quality Control, Punch Walkthroughs and Documentation
  • Develop and Maintain Comprehensive Project Schedule
  • Detailed Transition Planning and Relocation Plan
  • Conduct Transition Planning Team Meetings & Provide Summary Reports
  • Develop and Maintain Critical Task Log
  • Detailed Move Matrix of all Personnel and Equipment including Move Coordination Meetings with End Users as well as Vendor and Staff activities
  • Develop scopes of work and RFPs for move vendor, tech crew, and other vendors as required.
  • Provide Relocation Instruction packets and conduct Staff Orientation Meetings
  • Develop RFPs and Detailed Scopes of Work for Move Vendor and Technical Crews
  • Move Vendor Management
  • Closeout Documentation
  • Conduct pre-Move Readiness survey and pre-move walkthroughs with vendors
  • Supervise crews during move
  • Manage Post Move Adjustments