Methodist Hospital – ED Rad Room  


Acute Care Hospitals


Sacramento, CA


June 2021

Emergency Department Radiation Room

The Stahl Companies partners with Methodist Hospital on several projects at their campus. In mid-2020, when the hospital was faced with budgetary challenges on their ED Radiation Room project, Stahl was asked to step in and provide assistance.  

When this project was approved in 2019, the plan was to renovate the existing ED Rad Room, however, the hospital was required to include a second ED Rad room to accommodate patient volume at that time. One of the first things our team did was analyze the budget and evaluate the project requirements. We concluded that the facility’s census was now below the threshold which had necessitated the second rad room. We requested and received approval from OSHPD to remove the 2nd ED Rad room from the project. This resulted in a $400K reduction in project cost – a big win for Methodist Hospital!  

The renovation of the existing ED Rad room moved forward, but soon there were new challenges. The original building is of 1971 construction and has undergone multiple renovations since then. The existing room footprint had originally been restrooms. When demo work began in December 2020, we discovered that much of that infrastructure was not removed during the prior renovation. This issue, in addition to several other discoveries, soon proved that existing conditions were much more complicated than anticipated. Our team worked with the architect and the general contractor to problem-solve issues as they arose, providing solutions for each and every challenge while keeping the project costs within budget.

Construction and equipment installation was completed in June 2021, allowing the newly renovated space to be turned over to the hospital. Methodist Hospital celebrated the opening of its updated procedure room, and the staff is excited to provide enhanced services to the community!