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Project Management 2019 Completion

Fire Booster Pump Replacement 

Replacement of the fire booster pump and controller in the basement including installation of a new IHP booster pump and associated controller, including anchorage of the booster pump and a new circuit serving the booster pump and pump controller, to serve the fire sprinkler riser.  $120k  Architect: Coact Designworks

Replacement of Dialysis Boxes 

Installation of new dialysis boxes in Room 223.  $210k  Architect: Coact Designworks


Project Management 2020 Completion

Roofing Replacement 

Replace approximately 18,000 sq ft of existing roof including central plant, portions of both west wing and ER addition.  $795k

Medical Gas Storage Canopy 

Installation of a new canopy over the existing medical gas cylinder storage area to meet NFPA 101-2012 requirements. The project includes the construction of a new canopy of HSS steel tubes with a light metal pre-formed metal roofing, installation of new sprinklers and a modular metal fencing system that will separate and elevate full, empty, and oxidizer containers.  $275k

Medical Air Compressor Replacement 

Replace existing 1993 medical air pump including installation of a new high-efficiency pump system with three compressors with all associated piping, new valves, new piping to temporary pump, new piping structural supports, new electrical, and BMS controls. $450k

Emergency Generator Fuel Tank Replacement 

Replace the emergency generator fuel tank to increase the fuel storage capacity and anticipated run time of emergency generators and boilers. The work includes installation of automatic fuel shut-off valves on the fuel lines in the facility basement and installation of a new manual transfer switch in the equipment yard housing the new fuel tanks.  $480k  Architect: Aspen Street Architects

Water Treatment System Installation in Skilled Nursing Facility 

New disinfection system for the domestic water (per ASHRE 188) at Bruceville Terrace SNF to eliminate all traces of Legionella.  $375k

ATS Replacement (Design Only) 

To replace the existing 1993 automatic transfer switches that are no longer supported by the manufacturer. Project to consist of three phases including connection of temporary generator and switches to support temporary ATS service; seismic mount generator; concrete pad for generator; demolition of existing ATS; installation of new electrical, new structural supports associated with piping, new cabling, and a new ATS; testing of new ATS; shutdowns by phase; upgrade concrete pads; and new BMS controls.  $250k

Electrical Infrastructure Upgrade (Design Only) 

Due to the 1971 vintage electrical infrastructure, it is difficult to source maintenance parts. The main switchgear and switches need replacement. The project includes installation of a 3000 AMP system to feed the Tower and a D5012 main electrical system located in the hospital tower serving patient rooms; temporary power to maintain hospital functionality during changeover; additional egress; all required signage and protocol for opening panels; decommissioning and removal of existing equipment.  $200k

Heating Hot Water Boiler Replacement (Design Only) 

Replace boilers in two phases. Remove two existing boilers and pumps, demolish existing flue duct and associated piping (maintain existing valves), furnish and install two new high efficiency low nox condensing boilers, furnish and install two new pumps, new piping and new flue, upgrade electrical, structural supports for new piping and flue, and all associated testing and controls for the project.  $200k  Architect: KAP

Washer and Dryer Replacement

In a Skilled Nursing Facility.  $220k  Architect: GMA