Providence, Saint Joseph Medical Center – MRI Room Upgrade


Acute Care Hospitals


Burbank, CA


July 2021

MRI Room Upgrade Temporary Trailer for MRI Scans

The existing MRI room at Providence Saint Joseph hospital underwent a flooring upgrade.  Prior to commencing this work, the Stahl Team managed the logistics of preparing for a temporary MRI trailer.  This included installation and testing of electrical infrastructure, identifying and obtaining clearance for the path of travel to the hospital, certification of the concrete pad, and coordination of OSHPD sign-off to secure trailer occupancy.  The team strategized to prepare for the CDPH survey and obtained approval within 3 days of completion, allowing outpatient MRI services to begin immediately. 

Once services began in the temporary MRI trailer, Siemens ramped down the existing magnet in the MRI room for safety reasons prior to the start of the flooring work in the hospital MRI space.  The upgrade work began on 3/25/21 in the existing MRI room, including treatment of the concrete slab, new plywood, and new copper shielding placed on the room floor. Once all of this was completed, the new flooring was installed. As a further benefit to the hospital, Siemens took advantage of the required equipment downtime to change parts and upgrade the software of the existing MRI machine. 

Now that services have resumed in the newly refurbished MRI room, the temporary trailer has been removed. Due to the expedited process, trailer rental duration was minimized which resulted in significant savings to the hospital.