Providence, Saint Joseph Medical Center – New Emergency Department & Urgent Care Building


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May 2022


Boulder Associates

Replacement Emergency Department & New Urgent Care Facility Additional Services - Transition Planning

Providing world-class healthcare to one of the busiest emergency departments in LA County, the new facilities of Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center have been fully funded by philanthropic dollars. Tireless work of community members via Providence Saint Joseph Foundation’s Minutes Matter More Than Ever Emergency Services Campaign is within reach of their financial goal of $78M supporting this state-of-the-art facility. The renovated hospital supports modern technology and future models of care providing right-sized and safe spaces for its patients and staff.

The new OSHPD 1 Emergency Department building is 34,850 SF includes:

  • 1 Isolation Room with dedicated Ante Room
  • 2 Trauma/Resuscitation Rooms
  • 8 Fast Track Stations
  • 37 Treatment Rooms for a total of 44 beds plus 4 flexible triage rooms
  • 1 CT Room, 1 X-Ray Room, 1 Ultrasound Room

The project included other unique scopes of work such as dedicated underground storage tanks for domestic water, sanitary sewer, and fuel oil to meet California’s 96-hour compliance requirements for self-sustainability. Extensive site utility rerouting, a brand new, upsized, and upgraded Oxygen Yard, along with campus-wide power upgrades from 4KV to 12KV were incorporated in this project.

A separate urgent care center is under construction at the corner of Buena Vista Street and the ED entry street, to accommodate the lower acuity patients in the ED as well as additional catchment in the community. The new Urgent Care center will be approximately 8,500 SF. 

Extensive make-ready work was required for this project, including the construction of an ADA-compliant pathway, relocation of primary utility lines, and soil improvements due to geotechnical site conditions First two concrete pours  (click hyperlink for video). Utilities have been installed under the existing tunnel.

While outwardly, the work on Providence, Saint Joseph’s new ED and Urgent Care is definitely progressing, there is so much more going on behind the scenes. Our team completed the third phase of electrical cutoversThese electrical cutovers required extensive planning and positioning of critical backup systems prior to implementation. Cutovers were not only successful but also ‘invisible’ to patients and clinical staff

The new O2 Yard build-out was a critical component, particularly at the onset of increased oxygen needs for COVID patient care. For more extensive project detail, follow this link:

Ongoing is:

  • landscaping installation
  • commissioning of new equipment ​
  • conversations with HCAi about the building stock and staff  ​
  • interior UC lobby build-out

We are enduring the impacts of supply chain and material availability challenges and keeping our projects on schedule! 

The Stahl Companies is also providing Transition Planning services for the new Emergency Department and is currently in the implementation phase. Our team is working on the Training Program, the Move Plan, and all of the occupancy preparation tasks for this exciting, leading-edge addition to the Saint Joseph campus!

Geotech - Seismic Soils Improvement

The video below demonstrates the soils improvement process using CDSM (concrete deep soil mixing) and Vibro Stone Columns methods. The implementation of soils improvement will ultimately help mitigate site liquefaction and building settling.

Installation of 1,140 columns at a depth of 40′ will take place over a period of 3-months. CDSM columns are sized at a 6′ diameter and do not require clearance from the edge so are used for the perimeter of the ED and Urgent Care buildings due to their adjacency to the parking structure. The VCR columns are 2′ in diameter and are being installed in the inner part of the building footprint. They are the more common and economical method approved by OSHPD.