Dignity Health St. John’s Regional Medical Center – Mold Remediation & Defects Repair


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Oxnard, CA








RBB Architects

Mold Remediation & Transition Management

Stahl was the project management team on this project that included multiple general contractors whose expertise was matched to the unique scopes. The initial scope was to deconstruct the exterior skin of the facility and reapply a new EFIS system along with the re-sealing of all exterior windows. Additionally, all wet spaces interior to the hospital were to be renovated, as well. This included all patient bathrooms, all public restrooms, and all department wet spaces. The scope changed after the first year due to forecasting of final cost. The new direction was to cease deconstruction and attempt a new procedure. The new procedure consisted of tenting the entire facility and introducing Chlorine Dioxide gas under high humidity in an attempt to destroy the mold bacteria. Due to extensive mold growth, this project entailed evacuation of both patients and equipment from the entire hospital building to facilitate an unprecedented chemical remediation process over a two-week time frame. Patients were transitioned to other facilities, interim facility logistics were managed, as well as the repopulation of the facility. The new process was implemented after all interior wet spaces were reconstructed and it was a great success.

Construction Defects Repair

The introduction of the gassing process greatly reduced the projected time and cost to remove the mold but generated unintended consequences. Prolonged exposure to the gas and high humidity caused damage to much of the lubricated-type equipment, as well as bleaching many of the floor finishes throughout the facility, resulting in the replacement of all carpeting, wall coverings, ceiling tiles, furniture, and many other equipment pieces affected. The overall project lasted 5 years and the final cost of approximately $200M represented about 30% savings from earlier projections due to the fumigation method.