VSP Optical Lab




Folsom, CA

Transition Planning & Equipment Receiving

The VSP Optical Laboratory in Folsom, California is an 80,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art facility designed as the largest optical lab of its kind in the world. Our team provided Transition Planning, Equipment Logistics, and Move Management services for this project. We performed a comprehensive inventory of all equipment, furniture, and materials in VSP’s three existing facilities, which included tagging and tracking of over 700 assets in these complex and highly specialized labs. Working carefully with the design and construction team, a variety of equipment vendors from around the world, and VSP’s operations team, we developed an intricate schedule for the relocation from the existing facilities in Rancho Cordova to the new facility in Folsom. With their operation running a six-day, three-shift production schedule, downtime was a primary concern. Our team created a detailed relocation plan that included moving of non-essential equipment in advance, and an around the clock, step-by-step schedule to accomplish the move of Manufacturing in just three days. We scheduled machinery vendors, rigging crews, movers, construction crews, and engineers to disassemble, move, reassemble, connect, and calibrate all existing equipment, and integrated it with the delivery, installation, and testing requirements for the various overseas shipments of new manufacturing equipment. This required a very complex and synchronized approach based on equipment locations within the existing facilities as well as the new facility, access points and paths of travel, disassembly/ reassembly requirements, and the critical need level of each unit in the operation schedule. A separate timeline for moving of all materials, supplies, and thousands of partially completed orders was developed and integrated with the equipment move timeline. The move was accomplished as planned, with production in some departments commencing even earlier than anticipated.