Stahl Speaker Series: SB 1953 – Are You Ready for the Fourth Quarter?

January 10, 2020

How do you follow up a report on two of the largest earthquakes to hit California since 1994’s Northridge quake? For us, it was clear as we’re entering the fourth and presumably final decade since Senate Bill 1953 was introduced. To discuss the status of our healthcare campuses given the coming 2030 seismic deadlines, we brought in Paul Coleman, Deputy Director at OSHPD, Karl Wagner, Construction Operations Director at Providence St. Joseph Health, and Joey Kragelund, Pacific Region Health Director at HKS to cover topics regarding foreseeable relief through legislation, current trends and strategies, along with market capacity in an economy that is booming while capturing the attention of designers and builders alike, when we might need them most.

What started as an interesting conversation among colleagues erupted into comedic banter between professionals who are passionate and knowledgeable in what they do but don’t pass up the opportunity to enjoy themselves in the process. Discussion included the trending moves toward preventative care community clinics and the subsequent moves away from medical centers accomplishing both a more cost-effective build and a more affordable provision of care to the healthy rather than the sick. We discussed OSHPD staffing and workload, what Senate Bill 758 (currently in draft) may mean to this, and benefits of PIN 50 – Collaborative Review and Construction Process & Phase Plan Review in streamlining the design, submittal, review, and permit phases while getting in and out of construction sooner. Ultimately, it was agreed that a medical center requiring modification to meet 2030 seismic compliance either needs to be actively pursuing the implementation of a well-developed master plan or developing their plan now to be on track given the load placed on the healthcare design and construction community now and over the coming decade.

Next up for our Stahl Speaker Series will be a deeper dive into Master Planning, how it is intertwined with the strategic plan of the medical campus/system, and the advantages brought through utilization of the two together as regular adjustments are made to market, regulatory, technology, and other changes to ensure success in delivering health to our communities.

Karl WagnerKarl Wagner

Senior Director Construction Operations, Providence St. Joseph Health

Karl is responsible for supporting all construction projects within twelve California Providence Ministries and associated medical foundations. In this role, Karl is the Providence liaison to the Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development. Karl has over 30 years of design and construction experience within the healthcare and commercial industry.


Paul ColemanPaul Coleman

Deputy Director, Facilities Development Division, OSHPD

In 2018, he was awarded the California Hospital Association’s Center for Behavioral Health’s Šimanek Distinguished Service Award. Prior to assuming the role of deputy director in 2009, Mr. Coleman served as OSHPD’s southern California deputy division chief in the FDD. There he was responsible for planning and directing work of the program staff, and assisted in the formulation and implementation of policies related to enforcement of the Seismic Safety Act.


Joey KragelundJoey Kragelund

Associate Principal and Senior Vice President, HKS, Inc.

Joey serves as the Regional Health Group Director for the Pacific region based out of the HKS Los Angeles office. As a project and solution partner, he is helping clients navigate the uncertainty of today’s evolving healthcare system.

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