Staying Relevant with Continued Learning

August 17, 2020

The Stahl Companies is committed to the continuous pursuit of knowledge to support our expertise in serving the healthcare construction industry in the State of California.   

Over the last few months, our team has been fortunate to further participate in remote learning opportunities offered through the OSHPD Education Webinar Series presented by the Facilities Development Division. We’ve been learning from their Building Safety & Construction webinars offered through both the Facilities Development Department and Inspection Services. 

Here are some of the topics recently covered:  

  • Each Wednesday, the Inspection Services Unit hosts a quick 10-minute series on Field Brief Advice followed by a discussion 
  • California’s Building Department for Hospitals – The TIO Program Basics and Recent Changes
  • Structural and Non-Structural Regulations  
  • A 5session series on the Inspector of Record (IOR) roles and responsibilities
  • Pin 68 Support & Attachment Methods for Equipment
  • Remodel CAN 2-102.6 
  • Repurposing of Hospital Buildings seminar 
  • Updates to the 2019 CBSC 
  • Sterile Compounding Pharmacy for Hospital Facilities 

Many of the completed OSHPD webinars offer not only slide handouts but also video transcripts. If you are interested, follow the link for information on many of their past and future presentations:  

We also monitor regularly scheduled Hospital Building Safety Board committee meetings, which most recently have included valuable information on Structural and Nonstructural Regulations and, Education and Outreach.  

In addition, our membership in the California Society of Healthcare Engineers allows us access to their informative discussions, including a recent webinar with Chris Tokas of OSHPD regarding OSHPD’s response to COVID-19. 

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