Teamwork – The Deluxe Package

December 20, 2017

For the latter part of this year, the staff at Stahl has been talking about and processing the idea of Teamwork in our organization.  Each of us has read the book, “The Ideal Team Player,” recommended by Walt.  Our book conversations have been focused around the three tenants in this publication, that the ideal team player embodies these three qualities:

Humble – unpretentious, no ego.

Hungry – hardworking, takes initiative.

Smart – can read people and situations well- it’s not about IQ.

We also discussed the consideration of these characteristics for future Stahl hires and how that would benefit not only our organization but also enhance our client services.

Our second teamwork study and discussion centered around the CliftonStrengths assessment. We all took the online evaluation which is based upon Don Clifton’s, “Clifton Strengths Finder.”

After completing the assessment, each Stahl employee’s top 5 strengths were identified based upon our responses. We had a lengthy team meeting to discuss our individual strengths, how they play into our client work, and how this knowledge will help us more effectively determine the best “Stahl Team” for each of our projects. These strengths can certainly contribute to our effectiveness in meeting the goals for both Stahl and for our clients.

As an added step in this process, many Stahl employees participated in a team building activity known as an “Escape Room.” 

escape room components

The escape rooms were a lot of fun along with being a great learning experience in seeing how various staff members interacted to solve a problem and how we each found a way to contribute to solving the puzzle by using our various strengths.


Taking it one step further, this year we added Staff Awards to our annual holiday party festivities. These highlighted a special trait in our co-workers which added to our strengths and not to mention, our workplace humor. 



certificate of achievement

Although these awards were lighthearted in spirit, they served to underscore our fun work environment and how each personality helps build camaraderie in our midst.

I am looking forward to continuing this “team-building” process as we embark upon 2018. I am anxious to learn more about my coworkers’ strengths and continue to build on our ardent Stahl tagline:           YOUR PROJECT      OUR PASSION        THE POWER OF TEAM

After all we don’t want to end up like DILBERT and his “team”!

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