The Benefits of Art Consulting During the Design Phase

June 12, 2019

Art Consulting Services (ACS) Presents to The Stahl Companies:  The Benefits of Art Consulting During the Design Phase 

ACS believes that timing is crucial.  “The earlier owners begin thinking of art programs and collections, the more powerful the outcomes can be” -Kira Stewart 

During the presentation, which was lively and witty, the following was highlighted by ACS regarding the benefits of Artwork Consulting: 

  • ACS provides a reasonable dollar range per square foot so that accurate artwork costs can be included in the Client’s budget. 
  • ACS maintains a philosophy that budget doesn’t guarantee an outstanding outcome; the right consulting approach does.  
  • ACS has built a database of artists from all over the world by screening and recruiting the talent necessary for each project.  This resource is key in finding the best fit for each project. 
  • ACS has extensive experience in providing artwork for healthcare facilities, and will only present and recommend art that meets the stringent regulatory codes for these projects. 
  • Master Planning is crucial to overall results.  ASC uses their process of ‘100 Questions’, which establishes project goals. 

ACS has brought their expertise to over 500 projects since 1996, demonstrating that ‘Art is More Than Art’. 

Throughout the presentation, there was a collaborative exchange of ideas, possible challenges, possible solutions and future strategies.  ACS reiterated its mission to incorporate the vision of each client with the needs of the project. In conclusion, ACS and TSC agree that it’s as much about design, functionality and patient experience as it is about art. 

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