“URGENT”: Focused Emails

March 28, 2018


The gap in time that has passed since our last blog post is a clear indication of how busy each of our team is with their respective projects. I’ve heard that some have burgeoning email inboxes of 1,000 or more!

Surely that volume of reading is overwhelming. It’s likely that the recipient glosses over all but what is absolutely necessary to effectively complete their tasks in order to fulfill commitments to their clients.

While it is the client who gives us purpose as a business, overlooking co-worker requests can not only inhibit that person’s personal success in completing his/her required tasks but subsequently can erode team confidence.

content on computer screen

Sure, social media can be a huge time drain but on occasions like today, a valuable tidbit emerged from my screen, one that could actually pay for the time it took to read by saving multiple hours in the email-reading-workday.

As always, it will take buy-in to be effective. Here’s how it works. Use one word from just a few agreed upon categories in your workplace. Type the focused word in CAPS to precede each email subject line. Want more detail? Here’s the blog I read describing how to make it useful:


Finally, to maintain the integrity of the process, call out your over users of “URGENT” by referring them to the childhood story, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf!”

What do you think? Would this system help you better manage your workday?


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