WAZE Won’t Get You There

March 6, 2017



noun; plural noun: millennials

  1. a person reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century.

“the industry brims with theories on what makes millennials tick”

Fortunately, here at The Stahl Companies, we have some of the best millennials an organization could ask for.

They are hard-working, professional, respectful young men and women moving forward in their own uncharted territory…being helped by those who think they know where they are going, who, by the way, are being helped by those who are unsure of where they have been but are ready for transition.

Wait a minute, isn’t that where millennials are?

So, in an organization, whether you are Millennial, Gen X, or Boomer, just know we each help the other to get where we believe we are headed.

graphic credit to: @eLearningMind1

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