Why Santa Loves His Job

December 19, 2019

This fall, our team discovered meaning and satisfaction in their volunteer work with Saint John’s Program for Real Change. Saint John’s houses and provides programs for women and children in crisis.

One of our Stahl Companies’ Core Values is Community – “We are all part of a shared social fabric and should aim to lift everyone up.” It only seemed fitting that we ask our team if there was interest in adopting one of Saint John’s deserving families for Christmas. The response was fast and enthusiastic.

We adopted a family of five, and our team couldn’t have been more eager to share their heartfelt Christmas spirit by fulfilling some of the needs and wants on the family’s wish list.

Last Saturday, on behalf of Stahl, Catherine Suttle made our delivery to a very busy Saint John’s center where generous donations for other families were being received, sorted, and wrapped. Every member of our adopted family received gifts, assuring them that they are each important and supported.


We wish volunteers and families alike a joyful holiday with much promise for the coming year!

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