Wonder Woman – A Team Player?

July 27, 2017

“The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

― Aristotle

A couple months back my wife and I went to see the new Wonder Woman movie. I was glad we went, a great movie showing good triumphing over evil.

The movie got me thinking about the young ladies that we have working at The Stahl Companies. We have some of the best team members an organization could ask for, hard-working, intelligent, and professional. These are the attributes of our entire team with these young ladies at its core. 


In case you didn’t get the chance to enjoy the movie, it showed a young Wonder Woman growing up and watching the efforts of the well-trained and experienced warriors before her.

Stahl has well-trained and experienced warriors as well. The fledgling Wonder Woman would train on her own, alongside the others but out of sight, not letting the others know she was preparing herself for the future. Occasionally, one of the warriors (let’s call them fellow employees) would see her training and smile with an expression of validation.

Then, there was her mother, many of us have one like her, she would see WW and say that she was not ready, she was not seasoned enough, she could be detrimental to herself as well as others.

In the construction world, it is said that women must work harder to meet the equality standards of this male-dominated industry.

There is also the generational issue, where there are those who feel that these young ladies, and young men for that matter, must pay some price to be allowed to enter into a role of responsibility or authority.


I’m here to tell you that the women at Stahl, some of them millennials and some not, work very hard.


Wonder Woman’s undoing was almost brought about through the urging of a villain to set herself apart and battle singularly.  She triumphed through the realization that she could be stronger acting as a part of a larger force, a team.




Patrick Lencioni said that the ‘Ideal Team Player’ will have humility, hunger, and intelligence. Intelligence defined differently from that of just a college education. Patrick did not distinguish between men and women, just people.

At Stahl, we have a group of wonder women…along with some pretty good men as well.

I guess it’s time to go watch a Superman rerun.

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