Wow. She’s A Dog.

June 23, 2017

Company culture is more than the latest business catch-phrase, it is an identity. If you had to identify yourself as a candidate on dating site, you may list your physical attributes, your hobbies, the way you earn your living, or causes that are close to your heart. Whether a company has products or services to sell or whether it is trying to attract employees, a sense of the company’s culture is meaningful to potential clients, industry partners, and workers. The work we do on a daily basis is often fueled by company culture. Where a culture of negativity can cause that fuel to be volatile, in the best scenarios, a fuel of positivity feeds our souls to be the best version of ourselves while fulfilling our obligations to our clients, our co-workers, and our families.

Today another reflection has been added to the calendar, bring-your-dog-to-work day. I get it, to some it will be “dumb”. But for many of our TSC team, our dogs are considered family members and by association, part of the TSC team, too. Several dogs have spent time at our office, snuggled under a desk, next to the feet of the human they most care for. A few have demonstrated boundless energy tearing through our office-space eager to engage new playmates. One or two may have left behind deposits hastening the carpet cleaning date, Oops. These visits have enriched relationships between co-workers and even other building tenants through showing another side, a softer side of our character.

So, if you see dog photos on our desks or on our breakroom bulletin board or on our social media sites and website, chalk it up as our way of giving you a peek into our company culture. 

look who keeps us smiling sign

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