Last year, Blair Morrison of Crossfit Anywhere took time with us each month during our team meetings to teach us how, in the midst of our busy lives, to both create and meet our goals for healthy movement, healthy eating, and healthy sleep for The Health of our Team. The thing about learning new concepts is that it takes some time for them to become habit-forming. But once the concept starts to stick, it becomes your new lifestyle.

We witnessed some amazing examples of commitment to fitness who competed on June 4th, 2022, at the Northern California Classic at Nimbus Flat State Park in Rancho Cordova. Although we didn’t have anyone from our team who was ready to participate at this level, we did have many enthusiastic volunteers with observations about their experience:

The diverse age spectrum of athletes and consistent “no quit” attitude amongst all was impressive!  I enjoyed seeing the teams work together supporting each other for team and individual success.

I would say I was impressed by the competitors’ strength & conditioning. Age has no limits!

Really great experience to see what the human body is capable of at all ages. These people continued to push themselves through the events. The determination from all of them was incredible!

It was nice to experience the event from an “insider” perspective, being a volunteer. For me, it was also enjoyable to spend time with Stahl folks outside of our normal surroundings while having some good opportunities to chat with them.

What caught my attention was not only the competition itself but also the support each athlete gave to others, some of whom they may not even have known. The goal was to compete, do your best, and not give up. Each event had scores of people cheering to support not only their athlete but all of them. The ultimate Team Building event!


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