Community: St. John’s Party for Change

November 4, 2019

Through our website, as we introduce you to The Stahl Companies’ Core Values, subsequently we will introduce you to some of the many great volunteer opportunities that exist in our community. We were honored to contribute some needed hands and muscle to the set-up for St. John’s Party for Change, an “elegant, black-tie event, now considered one of Sacramento’s premier events of the season… all in support of one of our region’s most vulnerable communities, formerly homeless families.” *

Party For Change banner

Many of our Stahl Gold River team, part of a group of 170+ volunteers, pitched in on Friday, November 1st by hauling tables from one side of the warehouse to the other to erect and lay with elegant table settings.

The results were an amazing party and successful event hosting over 650 supporting guests, yielding more than $580,000 raised in support of the St. John’s mission; “to unleash the potential of women and children in crisis by breaking the cycle of poverty and dependence, one family at a time”. *

Party For Change dinner table

The group from Stahl was amazing!  I so enjoyed meeting them and having them as part of our volunteer team.”

Karen Edwards | Volunteer and Community Engagement Manager




Saint John’s Program for Real Change

There is no easy way to escape living in crisis. It takes a certain type of woman to stand up to everything that’s ever damaged her and take full complete control of her life. A woman who will fight the pervasive influence of homelessness, poverty, and abuse. Who will make an empowered decision to rise up and become a productive community member. Who understands, unequivocally, that the decision to create a better life – for herself and for her family – rests entirely on her.

Saint John’s provides the TOOLS FOR REAL CHANGE. Based on more than a quarter-century’s worth of experience, we know what our clients need to become self-sustaining. And it’s much more than just being housed, clothed and fed. We provide the ability to rise above devastating, negative elements and achieve job-readiness and self-sustainability. Entry into the program is limited, and each step is extremely rigorous. But those who see it through end up with rewarding, happy productive lives – for themselves and for their children.

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