Community: Young Life Capernaum

April 19, 2019

Young Life Capernaum serves a group of men and women (Friends) with physical or mental challenges in their life that prevent them from enjoying what you and I take for granted daily 

Young Life Capernaum is dedicated to improving the quality of life for young people with disabilities. Teens with disabilities have the same needs and dreams as their able-bodied peers, yet often their most basic longing for social interaction and acceptance is unfulfilled. They also face the same fears and risks as other kids, but often do not have anyone with whom they can share their struggles.* 

Colleen Short, the Director, hosts an annual Hero’s Day where she invites military, fire fighters, police, first responders, doctors, and nurses. They come out and talk to the group and share their experiences and give the Friends an opportunity to see them in uniform and feel connected. They end the day with a parade for the Friends to see and enjoy. About 175 to 200 people attend. 

With Easter upcomingwe thought this would be a good way to enter the holiday. The Stahl Companies’ volunteers from our Gold River office helped with grilling and serving food and beverages at this fun event 

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